Updates of Ministry


Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. Matt 10:29

This is my second trip to Trivendram to meet this gorgeous precious kids, I was waiting to board my flight after spending my day with this family, lot of difference, and I was so amazed of how the Lord knit the things to care even for these little sparrows, they were hungry, lost their father, no hope of continuing their school, honestly not even proper outfit, health issues, no pair of sandals, and they were cold, the Lord flashed the beam into their hopeless life through the people like you who donates to Bethel/Sowers, specially Patty Tyson and Family, I had a great peace in my heart after this second trip to them, their worries were blown away, they have peace in their hearts, noticed great confidence, their countenance lifted up, they are getting A+ grades in their studies, Oh ! What a great joy, through the Lord, now they both are very clear of what they wanted to be in the future, Jomol wanna spreads her wings in the field of medicine, where as Jyothi wanted to become a Bank Employee, I thought Jyothi the younger still need time to figure what she wanted to be, but I was wrong, she has a clear vision about her future. Thanks Patty for investing in their lives for time and eternity. I always use to say, 

Transforming lives slowly, but surely”. 
MISSION COMPLETE, for now, waiting for more.