Story of Lakshmi (Angel) a Young Widow & her Daughter


I received a phone call last night around 11, the voice on the other side was weeping, and sobbing, I was worried, finally after 2 minutes of pause, she said “ANNA” I wanted to come to you, which means, brother I wanted to come to you, I recognized the voice, she is Angel (Lakshmi) who was actually raised from our orphanage, right after her Tenth grade, her mother took her from us by force, and got her married at teenage, it was purely on her mother’s interest, and she feared to the society, and we lost contact with the family, later on we found out Angel got married, and blessed with a daughter, after a year her life was jeopardized as she lost her husband at the age of 20, and she lost her mother too, everybody cursed her life, and Angel has been staying with her maternal aunt, all of her paternal side, and in-laws or husband side abandoned her, she has been staying with her paternal aunty whose family is also broken, I have not asked her yet what happened to her that night, she was just crying, and since she is staying in Hyderabad which is 7 hours away from us, she said she doesn’t have a phone to communicate with me, and she just borrowed somebody’s phone on the street to make a call to me, I asked her if she has any money to buy ticket and come to us, she said she just had enough just to buy the ticket, I told her to come, and I didn’t have any communication with her, but we were praying for her safety, so that she may not fall as prey in wrong hands, by evening I got another call from an unknown number, it was she again borrowed somebody’s phone in train, informing me and confirmed her arrival, and she reached home after the journey of 8 hours by train, her baby the little one who is still on the bottle feed was crying for milk, we gave her food, and milk to the baby, we just left her alone to relax. One of my sister who spent time with her, asked her, what made her come here, she is still not yet open, and even we too didn’t want to disturb her or hate to take her back into her nightmares, but we Praise the Lord for her safety, I and my wife have decided to share our meal to her.

Now I am asking my friends, should I call this girl a WIDOW, who is now 21-year-old, lost her parents, and husband, and little girl who is just 2 years old and ORPHAN? I might use these terms at some different circumstances but hate to call them a Widow or Orphan.

I am praying for her, so that she could be healed from the trauma, and find a God-fearing gentleman who could take care of the daughter as father and be a good loving husband to her. I am thanking all my friends who have been walking with me in prayer and in supporting us financially, here is an extra mile that we take the step of faith to reach out this family, I am ready to share the meal, but something more she needed, she needs to be rehab and courage. She and her daughter would have been crushed by the grey world, but praise the Lord, He saved these precious souls, and giving us an opportunity to pour our love beyond our ability into these lives.

My friends, as you read this story, I am asking you directly, would like to join with us, in prayer, or in any other means to transform this story for His Glory.

Let me say it again…” Transforming lives slowly, but surely”.

Reach Lakshmi and her daughter to help her.