God’s Kingdom in India

Sharing the Gospel

Throughout India, in places untouched by the gospel, SOWERS is partnered with ministries that bring the gospel to unreached peoples throughout India.

Loving Dalits and Caring for Orphans

According to Hindu Caste system, which dominates Indian culture, all Christians are Dalits, however, not all Dalits are Christian. Dalits that are Hindu are blown away by the loving kindness, humility and service shown to them by Christians.  Our native Pastors and Missionaries give Jesus’ love in equal measure to all.

Training and Supporting Village Pastors

Pastors throughout rural India are passionate about Jesus and sacrifice all they have for his Kingdom.  It is our mission to support, train and love these pastors so that they become better equipped to serve the Kingdom of God in a very dark and isolated culture.

Village Pastors Trained

Communities Claimed for Christ

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