SOWERS Ministry is an international coalition between Christ followers in the United States and India.  SOWERS stands for Serving Orphans Widows Educating & Reaching Society.


In 2001 Rev. Jayakumar Babu Salluri  “Brother Jay” started Bethel Ministries in the city of Vijaywada, India.  Since its inception, God has used this ministry to educate 800 pastors, start and support 50 village churches and help countless orphans and widows in the city and villages surrounding Vijaywada.


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For years many in the United States have teamed up with Brother Jay to provide prayer and financial support for Bethel Ministries.  In 2011 Brother Jay visited the United States for the first time with the goal of solidifying his current relationships as well as building new bonds with other believers.  Since the start of Bethel Ministries several believers from the United States have also visited Jay’s ministry in India to help encourage the Pastors working on the front lines as well as to learn ways in which they can go back home and encourage others to help the less financially fortunate around the world.


Out of these relationships the idea of SOWERS was born.  Believers in the United States and believers in India can become one by working toward the goal of spiritually guiding orphans, widows, Bible college students and society by sharing the love and servants heart of Jesus Christ.



Millions of orphans exist in India.  Without proper care, education and direction many of these children are exploited and often become inadvertently involved in child trafficking.  SOWERS helps orphans by providing them with a means of education as well as funds to provide food, shelter, medical care and general well being to these needy children.



In the country of India Widows are looked down upon and actually considered bad luck.  Many believe that a woman must have done something wrong in her past life to become a widow in her current life.  Because of this they are often denied work and find it difficult to even build relationships with others.  SOWERS provides funding for food, rent, medical care and general funding to these women to keep them off the street as well as providing them with a sense of worth and importance.  They are honored just as Christ honored and loved on the needy during his time on earth.



SOWERS Ministry believes in proper training, Jesus himself trained his disciples, Paul the Apostle trained Timothy, and pastor Jay was trained in two different theological seminaries for the period of  7 years.  God gave Jay and his staff the vision of teaching the untrained tribal pastors through their mobile Bible School.  He was introduced the BTCP (Bible Training Centre for Pastors) in 1997.  He studied through the entire curriculum, felt the pressure of the Lord to take the same training to these remote young men and women to equip them as mighty arrows of the Lord to reach the unreached communities and villages of India.


This training has been going on since 2001 in India more than 800 men and women have graduated.   By the grace of God a new class started training in 2016 started with  72 people signed up and currently going through the curriculum.  Graduation for the current class is set for February of 2017.


Reaching Society

Although India has become very industrialized there is still a great deal of poverty due to the Caste System.  Millions go daily without eating.  Many that require medical care are unable to find it.  A good education is something that is afforded to the wealthy and not the poor.  SOWERS also exists to provide direction to those in need.  By sharing the Word of God as well as sharing Christ’s giving example SOWERS is involved in reaching the lost for Jesus.  Representatives of SOWERS frequent local hospitals as well as Indian prisons to share God’s love and truth with those that are desperately in need.