Pastor Jaya

Hello, My dear Brothers and Sisters greetings to you all in the Precious name of our Lord Jesus.

I, (Pastor J) consider it as a great Honour to share with you what God has done and been doing in my life, of how God can transform a lad of 17 years into a mighty arrow to reach the tribal nooks of the great nation called India.

I was born as an elder son in a family of 4 siblings along with me, used to have our daily needs met merely, A great humiliation at the age of just 11 years old when I was in 5th grade, my dad was not able to pay the school fee in due time, which led my Head Master to send me home very frequently to bring the school fee. As a result I missed most of my classes which also put me behind my studies. So one day principal, because I couldn’t do well in the mathematics, in front of the class he cursed me, when you grow old, (you will be a cow dung basket carrier), which means in his sense of cursing me that I will be good for nothing, and my life will be doomed. Well he may not remember it today, but my heart has a scar of it, because in India teacher is always consider as next to god, so nobody want to be cursed by them or wish to receive any ill spoken words by them. Time brought me to the Tenth grade, with the same feeble standards of education where I passed all the grades by the mercy of the teachers. But I did not pass the Tenth grade, because the tenth grade exam was conducted by the Government board. I failed in Math, English, Science and Hindi. I was to reappear before the board exam I had to wait till next academic year.

Mean time a Pastor who is also a good friend of my father used to come to my house every week, and he learned about me, and suggested to my father to send me to a Bible College. Then immediately I was taken to a Bible College which is still run by Church of God in the city called Kakinada, also known as the Co – Canada, In the month of June I got admission in that institution. The schedule of every day starts from 5 in the morning with prayer and ends in the night 10 p.m with prayer. I was not able to adjust well with all of the religious activities of the full day filled with prayer, reading bible, attending classes, manual duties, simple food and so on. I did not have any much deeper knowledge or relation with Christ or Church. My dad had a catholic influence and my mom was a very strong Hindu devotee, so everything here in this college looked like going over my head. I felt like I did not belong to this place and I am wasting my time over here. As two months passed by, I decided to run away from the Bible college, when these thoughts were hatching in my mind of getting away, it was the 21st of August 1994, I was sleeping in my room and woke up with a clear call of somebody calling me by my name “My Son Jayakumar”. I woke up and looked around to see who called me, my roommate was sleeping and I checked out side found nobody, and went back to bed to sleep and after 20 minutes of leisure I was happened to hear the same clear voice. I then woke my roommate to check whether he had called me, he said he didn’t. I shared with him of what was happening with me, then he understood something going on in my life, and suggested me if I ever happened to hear the same voice again better kneel down and pray. I didn’t like the suggestion of him asking me to pray, I went back and laid down on my bed to sleep again after the leisure of 20 minutes of midnight, I heard the same voice calling me by my name, the voice was as clear as we hear on the telephone.

This time out of my control I knelt down on my bed, then I heard the voice saying to me, “my Son Jayakumar, I have chosen you even when you are not formed in your mother womb”. Then the conversation started in between me and the God, I said I am a child, the Voice said to me “don’t say you are a Child”. He asked me to read the Scripture Jer. 1: 4–10, which I never read before. Then happened this while the conversation was going on, a kind of handful size fire ball fallen in front of me, it was not a fiction or hallucination, but a real fire ball, because later in the morning I found out my blanket was burnt hole where it was fallen. So when it happened the fire ball divided into two parts and one to north side of two meters distance and the other to the south side of same distance and vanished away. Then the Lord was saying to me that He is going to take me to the north and south part of the nation which I never been before. The same time I was praying and confessing all my sins and accepted Jesus as my personnel saviour.

After the conversation was over, I saw a vision, that I was standing in front of a harvest field which was ready to reap, then came a man with white clothes gave me a sickle to reap the harvest. I did as I said, when It was about to finish I was so tired then came the same man in my dream came to me as said now go and take rest. When he said to me to go and take rest at the same time I hear the bell rang up for the morning prayer, I woke up with a great relief. I felt like huge burden removed from me, inexpressible joy in my heart. By God’s grace I was able to finish my 3 years diploma course in 1997 and after that, I still wanted to learn more about the word of God by pursuing higher education in Theology. While I was praying about this, I got an opportunity from Northern part of the country. At the same time it was indeed a tough time to our family. We lost our youngest sister who suffered with leukaemia a year back in 1996, and my father tore down the thatched roof house in hope of building a new house, but unfortunately he wasn’t eligible for bank loan, so he put a temporary smaller thatched roof house. For him to send me to North India was a big fiscal deal to him. Somebody loaned some money to my dad to pay for my traveling. I ventured my journey to North India Emmanuel Theological Seminary, Kota – Rajasthan.

I offboarded the train, after 36 hours of journey to a new state with a different language, different people and different atmosphere. At school we didn’t even have a base phone to call home. I used to write letters which reached to home after 7 days. I started attending the classes, the same year there was a team from Liberty University which came to teach us the very special Curriculum called BTCP (Bible Training Centre for Pastors). It was my first time to listen to any American teaching. The American accent was going over my head, and my body physically didn’t set up with the atmosphere. I got sick soon and came down with Typhoid. Having no money for treatment, no way of informing home through phone, and was very much feared of getting failed in the coming semester because of not understanding the American accent. The temperature was so high in my body the same midnight I had big vomiting in the midnight and there was nobody to help me. I thought “I should leave this place, it is not the place I belong to”. Then I happened to hear the same voice which I heard in 1994, the Lord said to me, “no you are not going from here”. I said, Lord I am sick, and I am not understanding the language, the Lord said to me, to read the Bible in English and in my native language together. I said, Lord I am sick, the Lord healed me in the same night from the high temperature. I read the English and Telugu Bible together, and read the small dictionary many times, that how I learned the English language. The same year I got the privilege to meet and translate to my long time best friend whose name is Mark Gonzalez, and later on God brought more people into my life Pastor.Sam & Sherry Holliday of Skyway Church – Phoeinix, and Pastor Larry Whitehead of Grace Family Church.

All of these people God used them to play a key role in my life and ministry so far. Going back to the seminary God gave me a very good knowledge and command in English and He even blessed me to interpret to some of the renowned speakers which indeed were some of the best privileges in my life. I did well in my thesis and graduated from the Seminary in February 1999. Out of 450 graduates I was one of the few graduates was asked by the seminary to be recruited as faculty at the Head Quarters at seminary. I worked for 2 years there, then I heard the Lord wanted me to go to the places in India where no one had reached with gospel.

Though my resignation did upset my authorities at the seminary, I had to listen to what the Most High Sovereign was saying to me. I entered into the full time ministry in 2001 by reaching the tribes called Koya, Yerukula, Lambadi, Banjara, Kondareddy’s so on. We are reaching on these tribes who are quiet barbaric in their culture still observe the infanticide thinking that their goddesses will be happy with that. We have trained so far 850 tribal young men and women for the Master and sent them back to reach their respective villages by providing them bicycles to travel around with the gospel. In the process of these journey, it was truly an everyday challenge, battle with evil forces, healing the people with different personalities, teaching the Word of God, and planting the churches.

In 2001 it started within a county, now the wings are spread into three different states of the Country. I had to deal with many issues, spiritually, physically with government and law enforcement, life threatening from Hindu radicals, health issues of 3 times malaria and one time typhoid. I have survived from an automobile accident with a minor injure on toe, suffered thirsty, hunger and remained nights in the jungle in cold weather. But He has always been faithful to me, blessed with a family, my wife and God’s special gift of premature boy Sam Holliday, who was declared to be dead in the womb, but by His grace has given him alive, and now is 14 years in his Eighth grade and Second Son is just born on 02nd August – 2018. Every day is a life-threatening day, leading with faith, and the journey continues with a broad vision to equip more and more people to reach every unreached nook of the nation.