Helping Schools Educate Children in Remote Areas

The network that God has planted enables us to get donations into the hands of the people desperately in need. We support ministries that are spreading the gospel throughout India, channeling the resources of God’s Kingdom to where they are needed most, including St. John’s School.

St. John’s School provides an English language education to children in a very remote, rural area in Andhra Pradesh, India. It provides a place of blessing and hope for the poorest children in the thirteen villages located around the school that would not otherwise receive an education. Founded in 2013, the school has grown to six grades with 217 students. St. John’s has gained an excellent reputation as people observe the positive changes in the lives of the students.

It is especially exciting to see the growing number of girls and siblings sets growing at St. John’s. Although many Indian families in this rural area once considered it a waste of money to educate their girls, many parents now see the value of educating their daughters.

St. John’s is accredited and adheres to the Indian government’s educational requirements. The school provides supplemental, healthy snacks for the kids to help with proper nutrition. Both the staff and parents have expressed how thrilled they are with the students’ progress – both academically and personally.

St. John’s will continue to expand, adding a pre-Kindergarten class of 40 students each year until the school is complete through 10th grade (480 students). As the school continues to grow, so do the needs. St. John’s depends primarily on the generosity of donors who want to support the education of these precious children. God is at work and we thank Him for His continued faithfulness.